Feature on the '59 Gibson ES-335

Well, guitar lovers and collectors, this is the one we've been waiting for...I've been looking for vintage guitars for 15+ years and I've never even been in the room with a '57 Strat...I've played a chord on a 1959 Les Paul....I've worked on a couple of 50's Goldtops, but weve never had anything like these guitars offered for sale before.
Sure we've had our share of rare guitars or oddball guitars but never one of the more desirable rarities. Now we will be representing one of the most desirable and collectable guitars in recent history...the 1959 Gibson ES-335 T in glorious original natural finish.
Other than the original Broadcaster and the Les Paul "log", no other guitar has been as much as a breakthrough as the semi-hollow Gibson ES series and the ES-335 is the one. This is only the second year of production and one of 71 guitars built that year in Natural finish.
The Natural finished ones have a desirability above that of the other colours because they were only offered in Natural for the first few years.
Even in the late 60's and early 70's it was hard to find "dot neck", pre-trapeze tailpiece ES models then. These guitars are extremely rare and many are in collections already or owned by many famous players. While researching this guitar, I have found pictures of 15+ different 1959 ES-335's. There will not be many of these guitars ever to come up for sale.
In 1959 the neck was perfect...not too clubby and not the wimpy slim taper of the 60's. It is a perfectly comfortable "C" shape that was made for playing.
Luckily the owner is an excellent guitar player and didn't smoke and drink so the neck is in remarkable condition...the lacquer is in great condition and the original frets are in amazing condition as well. He played very evenly all over the 'board and neck so there is not the typical G to A chord wear. This instrument was purchased by its current owner in 1968 and was used as his main working guitar for more than 10 years.
It has toured and played all across Canada and the USA. It also fell in the late 60's and a small piece of wood was broken off the top back corner of the headstock.
At the same time the headstock was cracked. The crack has not moved or been repaired ever. The headstock has no "crease" mark on the front and was never really broken. I first met the owner and the guitar about 10 years ago on the subject of the cracked headstock. My advice was to not fix it.
In the late 60's the original tuners were removed and Schaller tuners were put on for the next 25 years or so. There are visible "washer marks" on the front of the headstock where now there are smaller bushings again. The tuners and 4 knobs are the only changed parts. Out of any parts on the guitar, knobs and tuners can be purchased in order to "complete" the guitar.
As can be expected, the original case is beat up, a little tape in places, but is in fair condition. A newer hard case will be included. What can I say about the rest of the guitar? It is simply beautiful, sounds awesome and has all the features that reissues have tried to emulate but when you see, feel and hear this guitar, you will begin to understand why some guitars are legendary.
Viewings can be arranged by appointment only. We will not ship this guitar...pickup or delivery only.
Here's your chance to own a piece of history and rock out as well. It is not a mint guitar, but it is awfully close. If I had a '59 ES-335 under the bed that had never been played, I'd be asking a lot more than this one.. the price is $100,000.00 U.S. dollars.
On the orange label in the guitar there are two numbers...Serial Number A 31569, model ES 335 T and factory order number of S 8220 2 at the bottom of the label.

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